A Complete Business Management And Growth System For Your Coaching Business... With An Integrated A.I Assistant And Done-For-You Automation Intelligence

Everything You Need To Manage And Grow Your Coaching Business All In One Place...

With One Affordable Subscription

& All The Technical Bits Done-For-You

Business Dashboard

Gain real-time insights and make informed decisions for your business with our user-friendly Business Dashboard.

A.I Assistant

Our A.I Assistant is equipped with the latest in artificial intelligence technology to streamline your productivity and make your life easier.

A.I Email Manager

Revolutionise your email experience with our A.I Email Manager - the ultimate tool for efficient and intelligent email communication.

Marketing Hub

Providing a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline your marketing and help you attract, engage and convert clients more effectively than ever before.

Prospect Pipeline

Our Prospect Pipeline helps you build strong relationships with potential customers through personalised, automated communications.

Opportunities Spotlight

The Opportunities Spotlight is the ultimate tool to help your zero in on sales opportunities and streamline your process to close more deals faster.

Contact Control

Contact Control helps you easily manage your customer and prospect data with full regulation compliance and robust security.

Conversation Central

Easily manage ALL your prospect and client conversations, across multiple channels, in ONE place. Deepen relationships and drive more sales.

Website Chat

Experience seamless communication with our WebChat feature, allowing you to connect in real-time and enhance your customer service.

SMS Messaging

Communication directly with your clients and prospects, dramatically increase engagement whilst also speeding up and simplifying things.

Sales Funnels

Maximise your sales potential with our Sales Funnel builder and strategically guide your prospects through every step of their buying journey.

Intelligent Automations

Experience the future of efficiency with our Intelligent Automations. The cutting-edge solution that watches actions and maximises engagement.

Website Builder

Create and manage your dream website with ease using our intuitive website builder - no coding experience necessary!

Integrated Calendar

Our Integrated Calendar simplifies your scheduling needs by seamlessly syncing all of your appointments across multiple platforms.

Survey Centre

Streamline your data collection process and gain valuable insights into your prospects and clients with our powerful survey centre.

Invoice & Payment Portal

Our Payment Portal makes it easy for businesses to securely accept and manage online payments from customers around the world.

Online Courses

Create, sell and manage unlimited online courses easily with our intuitive and customisable course builder and student management centre.

Online Memberships

Create, sell and manage your own online membership sites with ease using our intuitive membership centre - no coding skills required.

Social Posting Automation

Our Social Posting Automation makes it easy to maintain an engaging social media presence without the hassle of manually publishing content.

Reputation Management

Our Reputation Management system is the ultimate solution to capture reviews, build customer trust and stay ahead of the competition.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics reporting dashboard enables you to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions with ease.

LIVE Support

24 hours a day

7 days a week

Live agent support via chat and

1:1 Zoom calls

Manage On The Go

Mobile App

Coming Soon!

And Much More

On The Workbench!

Bringing You A Powerful Platform With A New And Unique

Access Model

One Simple And Affordable Subscription

Supported With Pay-As-You-Grow Pre-Built Marketing Systems

To Help You Grow Faster And Further

Our mission is to help 1,000,000 coaches grow a business they love with

more simplicity... more speed... and more ease.

We do this via our easy 2 step system:

Access all the platforms features for one affordable monthly subscription and start building your business immediately.

Whenever you are ready, if you'd like our support to help you grow further and faster, simply browse our Accelerator Marketplace and choose from our wide range of pre-built fully integrated marketing systems.

If you decide to purchase one, or more, of our Accelerators we'll work with you to fully integrate it into your account and launch it.

The One Subscription



Locked In For Life!

Access All These Business Growth Tools:

  • Business Dashboard

  • A.I Assistant

  • A.I Email Manager

  • Email Marketing

  • Marketing Hub

  • Prospect Pipeline

  • Opportunities Spotlight

  • Contact Control

  • Conversational Central

  • Website Chat

  • SMS Messaging

  • Integrated Calendar

  • Sales Funnels Builder

  • Intelligent Automations

  • Payment Portal

  • Online Courses

  • Online Memberships

  • Website Builder

  • Survey Centre

  • Reputation Management

  • Social Posting Automation

  • Business Analytics

  • LIVE Support

  • Manage On The Go Mobile App Coming Soon

THE Accelerator Marketplace

Comprehensive And Proven Multi-Step Marketing Campaigns With

Pre-Built Pages AND Pre-Written Copy Templates...

...Ready To Go At The Press Of A Button

We Do The "Tech Stuff" For You!

7-Day Sales Sprint:

Transform Subscribers into

Customers in One Week

Looking to turn your email subscribers into paying customers? Look no further than our "7-Day Sales Sprint" With this pre-built and fully automated sequence, you can easily follow up with new subscribers for seven days and make them an irresistible offer. Simply edit the pre-written copy to match your offer and you're ready to go! It's the perfect way to turn new subscribers into loyal customers.



The Profit-Boosting On-Demand Webinar Funnel:

A Direct Sales Game Changer

Looking to boost your sales with webinars? Our "Profit-Boosting On-Demand Webinar Funnel" for direct sales is the perfect solution! With A.I. built in to invite leads, keep track of who registers, send out replay links, and even send a deadline to everyone who didn't buy, it's the ultimate way to automate your webinars and boost your sales. Simply edit the pre-written emails and you're good to go!



The Fresh Offer


Introduce Your New Offer and

Make Sales with Ease

Have something new to offer to your subscribers? Let them know with our “Fresh Offer Series”. Our sequence sends out a series of emails over a few days to inform your subscribers about your latest offering. The best part? It can even track who makes a purchase and remove them from the campaign to avoid bombarding them with sales emails.



The Call Booker:

Effortlessly Schedule More Sales Calls

Need more appointments with potential clients? Our “Call Booker Sequence” is designed to help you get more calls booked with your sales team ASAP. All of the automation and technical setup are already done, so all you need to do is edit the pre-written emails and you're ready to go!



The Smart Hook


Turn Browsers into Buyers and

Maximise Sales with Order

Bumps and One-Click Upsells

This sales page template has been perfected after years of refinements. The campaign also includes a two-step order form to add cart abandoners to a cart-abandon campaign automatically. It's pre-configured with order bumps and high-converting one-click upsell pages, great for cold traffic, or use it with our pre-built 7-day sales sprint. All you need to do is add your sales copy and watch your sales grow!



The Free Challenge Funnel:

Attract, Engage and Convert Your Ideal Clients

Build your list, engage your audience, and make sales with the Free Challenge Funnel! This proven funnel includes a registration page template, a VIP sales page template with a two-step order form and order bumps, and one-click upsell pages. With pre-written content and proven templates, simply add your own copy and content to create a winning challenge. Whether you're targeting cold traffic or using our pre-built new announcement campaign, the Free Challenge Funnel is the perfect way to engage your audience and make sales.



The List Builder


The Ultimate Marketing Tool

for Growing Your Email List

It's all very well saying "the money is in the list", but how do you build the list in the first place?

The "List Builder Funnel" is the ultimate marketing tool for coaches looking to grow their email list. This funnel provides a proven method for capturing leads and converting them into loyal subscribers. With high converting landing pages, pre-written emails, and automations, the "List Builder Funnel" takes the guesswork away allowing you to focus on growing your business.



The Lead List Launchpad:

The Simple and Effective Way to Get More Leads and Expand Your Reach

The "Lead List Launchpad" is the ultimate solution for coaches looking to expand their reach and acquire more leads. This powerful marketing system streamlines the process of lead generation, allowing you to easily and effectively grow your email list. With the "Lead List Launchpad", you can take your marketing efforts to the next level and see your business thrive.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my website to CoachSpace?

Yes! Within your account, you can build an unlimited number of websites with unlimited pages and unlimited domains. Our built in drag-and-drop editor removes all the technical aspects and makes creating a professional website easier than ever before.

If I transfer my website to CoachSpace will it affect the Search Engine Optimisation?

No! All the content on your websites and funnels can be indexed by search engines to maximise your search results. Images can have ‘alt’ tags embedded behind them and each page has its own Meta Data title, description, keywords, image and author settings if you choose to use them.

Do I have to have a video hosting account somewhere else?

It’s your choice! Videos uploaded to CoachSpace and embedded in website pages, funnels, online courses and memberships as required. However, if you already have your videos with another provider (Vimeo, Wista, Youtube) we have a built-in selector that allows you to quickly display those videos wherever you choose.

Can my videos have Subtitles / Closed Captions for people with learning disabilities?

Providing the Subtitles / Closed Captions are embedded into the video file before it’s uploaded to CoachSpace they will play along with the video. There are lots of platforms that help you create Subtitles and Closed Captions for your videos - one of our favourites is which has a helpful A.I integration to do all the hard work for you.

Can I automate the process of getting digital signatures on my contracts?

Yes! Our workflow builder allows you to create unlimited automation processes removing tasks from your to-do list. You decide what you need to happen and when then let the automation take care of it for you.

Can I create separate user accounts for my team and outsourced assistants?

Yes! You can create as many user accounts as you need and control the areas of your account each user can access.

Can I transfer from ClickFunnels to Coachspace?

Yes! We have a built in transfer process to move your ClickFunnel page designs over to us. Simply copy and paste the funnel URL into our wizard and let the system copy everything over in minutes!

Can I move my email list over to CoachSpace?

Yes! You can import your email list into CoachSpace via our list import wizard. Simply download your data from your current provider let our system import it all for you.

Can I send emails from my own domain?

Absolutely! We know how important it is to build your brand. Emails can be sent from your own email addresses.

Can I manage client notes and task within CoachSpace?

Yes! Our Customer Relationship Management feature allows you to add notes to individual contact records. Additionally, you can set tasks, assign task ownership to members of your team and manage due dates all within an individuals contact record.

Can I manage my calendar on CoachSpace?

Yes! We can fully synchronise with Google and Outlook calendars allowing you to manage your own, and your team members calendars from within CoachSpace.

Can I offer appointment booking from CoachSpace?

Yes! Offer prospects and clients the ability to book appointments with you, or members of your team. Availability can be offer per calendar, or across multiple calendars with our 'round-robin' booking feature!

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